Research Experience


November 2020-October 2022, Milan University Department of Social and Political Sciences (Italy)

Woman sitting on the brick stoops… (c) 2011 Lidia K.C. Manzo


October 2018-April 2020, Milan University Department of Social and Political Sciences (Italy)

October 2015-May 2018, Department of Geography at Maynooth University (Ireland)

Spring 2013-Fall 2016, University of Amsterdam, UvA (the Netherlands)
HOUWEL Researcher and Partner member: Italian principal investigator for the sub-project on the meaning and use of the home as both a social and market good

  • In February 2012 a five-year research project was launched in the Centre for Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam, funded through the European Research Council’s Starter’s Grant Scheme. Abbreviated to the moniker HOUWEL, this study is concerned with housing  markets and welfare state transformations, and looks to how family housing property practices have interacted with different welfare regimes. The total project seeks to achieve this understanding through a comparison of six countries: England, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and Romania. These societies represent more or less typical cases of contemporary housing and welfare regimes. P.I.:  Richard Ronald

Winter 2013-Fall 2014, University of Milano Bicocca – Sociology Faculty (Italy)
Senior Researcher in the urban project “Milan, the invisible city

  • Conducting field research, in-depth interviews and ethnography in a Milanese neighborhood, collecting visual data, analyzing data on Atlas.ti, writing post-field analytical report. P.I.: Lavinia Bifulco.
Fall 2012-Summer 2015, Milan City Youth Policy Department (Italy)
Senior Program Coordinator in the public project “MI Generation. Youth Policies in the city of Milan,” funded by Lombardy Region

  • Organizational management of the local Youth Policy Department in Milan city; Coordination of Youth policies with the local Councillor; Participatory management with 31 local institutions and 4 University departments in Milan city; Monitoring of the projects development; Evaluation of the projects development and outcomes; Editor of a territorial policy agenda book for young people in a time of crisis.

January to December 2013, Milan City Youth Policy Department together with the and Social Policy Department (Italy)
Senior Program Coordinator in the public project “G.Lab, Laboratory of Urban Citizenship

  • Coordinator member of the working group “G.Lab” for the development of pathways of Citizenship for the Second Generation of Migrants in Milan City; Partipatory Management of the pilot Laboratory of Urban Citizenship hosted in the Youth Department of the Milan City local goverment; Monitoring of the projects development; Evaluation of the projects development and outcomes. (See the G.Lab project team and the media coverage: G.Lab article 1, G.Lab article 2)

Winter 2011-Fall 2012, Calandra Institute, CUNY University (NY, USA)
Visiting Doctoral Researcher for the Ph.D. data gathering phase.

  • Conducted research activity as an urban sociologist in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn’s Park Slope, to study the forty-year span of gentrification that shapes modalities of cohabitation and class boundaries in an area once characterized by a white, ethnic working-class population. Performed ethnographic activities, collected seventy in-depth interviews, archival resources, videos and photographs.

Fall 2010,Trento, Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)
Graduate Student Researcher in the public project “New Housing Models for Youth in Trento

  • Selected by the GiPro institution – (Tavolo d’ambito “Giovani e professioni” della Provincia Autonoma di Trento) – to take part of the Research Team on “New Housing Models for Youth in Trento“. The project was funded by the Autonomous provincial government of Trento city to improve young people’s housing options, and it involved four graduate students with different backgrounds in order to cover all the analytical frames of the topic (Sociology, Law, Engineering, Economics).

Spring-Fall 2010,Trento, Sociology Faculty – University of Trento
Senior Researcher – Urban Ethnographer, “Le Albere” project

  • Conducted field research, interviews and ethnography in a neighborhood in Trento, collected visual data, uploaded data on Atlas.ti, wrote and filed post-field analytical report. P.I.: Giuseppe Sciortino

Spring 2010-Fall 2012, School of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano University (Italy).
Member of the Research Unit: “Urban Hybridization International Research Group – UHIRG”

  • Attended workshop, round tables, international conferences and worked on a publication in an edited volume

Fall 2009, RQ Ricerche Qualitative, Rome and Milan (Italy)

  • Qualitative research consultant specializing in the ethnography of focus groups.

Summer – Fall 2009

Research Assistant, PUCA – Plan Urbain Construction et Architecture. Recherche Territoires urbains et sûreté, Paris. Supervisors: Massimo Bricocoli and Paola Savoldi, Department of Architecture and Planning of the Politecnico di Milano University – School of Architecture and Society, Milano, Italy.

  • Analyzed qualitative data I collected as part of the analytical report on the Chinese neighborhood in Milan.

Sitting on the Browntone's stoops on 9th Street across Prospect Park

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2011 – lidia kc manzo

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