Whole cities move…


Teya: I can make the buildings dance. Whole cities move because of me.

Dad: It’s how you look at things, Teya. You see a city between the buildings. You see the shapes they cut out in the sky?

Teya: Mm-hmm, like Mommy’s teeth.

(Dialogue Transcript) “New York, I Love You”, 2009, an anthology film:        

>>>   Hanging out in the Park scene  


Kids in the Bronx (c) 2012 Kids in the Bronxs, New York (U.S.) September 2012

Denver, Colorado (U.S.)  Denver Tramway Power (1901) now Recreational Eq. and Starbucks, Colorado (U.S.) August 2012

Colonia-people, (Uruguay)  Colonia-people, (Uruguay) August 2012

Buenos Aires-barrio de Abasto, (Argentina)  Buenos Aires-barrio de Abasto, (Argentina) July 2012

Harlem, New York (U.S.)  Harlem, New York (U.S.) June 2012

NYC_Dual City-Broadway near Trinity/Wall Street, (U.S.)  NYC “Dual City”-Broadway at Trinity/Wall Street, (U.S.) June 2012

Rehoboth Bay, Delaware (U.S.)   Rehoboth Bay, Delaware (U.S.) June 2012 (natural non-urban reserve…)

Philadelphia-Old City neighborhood, Pennsylvania (U.S.)    Philadelphia-Old City neighborhood, Pennsylvania (U.S.) June 2012

Chicago-Victorian Northeast Historic District, Illinois (U.S.)    Chicago-Victorian Northeast Historic District, Illinois (U.S.) April 2012

Brooklyn’s Park Slope-Union Street, New York (U.S.)   Brooklyn’s Park Slope-Union Street, New York (U.S.) March 2012

Brooklyn bridge, New York (U.S.)   Brooklyn bridge, New York (U.S.) February 2012

Milano-Sant'Alessandro, (Italy)   Milano-Sant’Alessandro, (Italy) January 2012

Washington-U street DC (U.S.)   Washington-U street, DC (U.S.) October 2011

Montreal-old industrial area, Québec (Canada)   Montreal-old industrial area, Québec (Canada) October 2011

Amsterdam-Spaarndammerbuurt, (The Netherlands)   Amsterdam-Spaarndammerbuurt, (The Netherlands) July 2011

Turino, (Italy)  Torino-“reversing” the city center, (Italy) April 2011

Lisbona, Alfama on the wall (Portugal)   Lisbona, Alfama “on the wall”, (Portugal) April 2011

London-Docklands, Shad Thames (U.K.)   London-Docklands, Shad Thames (U.K.) April 2011

New Orleans-Magazine street, Louisiana (U.S.)  New Orleans-Magazine street: Katrina X-Code, Louisiana (U.S.) March 2011

Götebor-Luntantugatan, (Sweden)   Götebor-Luntantugatan, (Sweden) July 2010

Trento-Villaggio Itea, (Italy)   Trento-Villaggio Itea, (Italy) PhD summer 2010

Frankfurt-zentrum, (Germany)   Frankfurt-zentrum, (Germany) June 2009

Brooklyn-Atlantic ave, New York (U.S.)   Brooklyn-Atlantic ave, New York (U.S.) May 2009

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