Staying Put: an anti-gentrification handbook for council estates in London

Challenging the “New Urban Renewal”: Gathering the Tools Necessary to Halt the Social Cleansing of Council Estates and Developing Community-led Alternatives for Sustaining Existing Communities

This handbook explains why the regeneration of council estates often results in established communities being broken up and moved away, and housing becoming more expensive. It is designed to help local communities learn about gentrification and the alternatives they can fight for. Through the experiences of council tenants, leaseholders and the wider community in London, it contains ideas, stories, tools and resources.

Staying Put: An Anti-gentrification Handbook for Council Estates in London is a collaboration between Just Space, Southwark Notes Archives Group, the London Tenants Federation and Prof. Loretta Lees funded by an Antipode Foundation Scholar-Activist Project Award. It is free to download and use by any individuals, community groups and campaigns, students, teachers, researchers…

Please find the electronic version at

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